Services financiers et juridiques à Ville de Montréal Will Write Your Business Plan: Start-Ups/Existing/Get Financing

You need a professional business plan if you are a start-up or an existing business seeking a bank loan, grants, and/or an investment.I write business plans to communicate your concept/business to banks and investors. I am not just a writer, but I am also a Business Plan Consultant. I have over 25 years of business experience and held senior positions in top accounting, technology and telecommunication firms.My relationships with banks, lenders, factoring companies, money against Purchase Orders will get you the funding you need to grow.I provide business strategy, market analysis, competitive analysis, management and operations plans, sales and profitability forecasts and Pro Forma Financials. These details will be in your plan. Your plan will communicate your concept smoothly and thoroughly to ensure that there is no confusion regarding your vision.With my business and entrepreneurial experience I can guide you on winning Sales, Marketing and Money strategies.You will get the written text and 12 month and 3 or 5 year detailed Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. This professional business plan will be yours to start-up, get financing/grants/loans and confidently present to bankers and investors. I also make introductions to Bankers, Lenders and Investors.Contact us today for a free consultation. Receive honest third-party objectivity and feedback.
See an example of Cover Page, Table of Contents and Testimonials in the pictures.My Motto: « Success is a Good Plan! »With your FREE consultation you get as my gift to you a FREE book named, « How to Think Like an Entrepreneur ».
Mr. Rabaenu, Esq says: « A must read! A true guide to understanding the true principals of entrepreneurship. Controlling your own environment and bringing yourself to the promised land.My business plans recently raised:* $1,200,000 for a business acquisition
* $640,000 for a technology start-up
* $550,000 for a food manufacturer
* $220,000 for a new app
* $75,000 for an inventor
* $50,000 for a new kind of caterer
* $30,000 for a hat designerIf you are an existing business, we also offer consulting services. Please contact us.